Some of the most life-changing words that I have heard since 1992 are…

“The Lord can give you much more than that…” -2nd Chronicles 25:9
“…You do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.” -Frederick Buechner
“Sometimes you have to keep the good stuff hidden” -a barista named Lewis

These were not just words tossed to me, but are full of meaning that I have found in each season of life.

I’d love to give you the story of each, and maybe I will in a later blog, but this is just the introduction.

I will admit, I am a not a blogger or a writer. I  am a friend of Jesus, people, and new places. These are composed of time, questions, patience, joy, understanding, faith, optimism,  and humility.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and in 13 days I will be in Costa Rica studying abroad for 3 months. I can sense it will be a time where I will be challenged and the three above quotes will be ringing true day after day.

I’ve been journaling since I was 10 and now switching to a blog…for now. These are “rough times” as my freshmen roommate would say as I transition into something foreign. But those closest to me are curious to hear about my adventures and I am blessed to have people in my life that will read this blog despite grammatical errors, ridiculous stories, and honest thoughts.

I’d say “let the adventures begin” but they already have.

So I will close with a word from the Great Commission in Matthew 28…



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